Bing - Homepage


In the interest of enriching user experience, Bing decided to expand the scope of its iconic homepage to include HD video backgrounds. I was brought on by Microsoft Media Acquisitions to curate, produce and transcode all Bing homepage video content.

In addition to providing visual effects design, I also engage in collaboration and requirement analysis with Bing's Sr. Managing Editors and Feature Team, while working across Bing's global presence to meet localization needs.

Case Study:  Bing Halloween

Each Halloween Bing and Google battle it out for the most notable homepage.  In late summer 2013, Bing came to Microsoft Media Acquisitions requesting an original concept for a custom designed and animated, fully interactive Halloween homepage experience.


My role consisted of developing the concept, full visual design: 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, and collaborating closely with the Bing Feature Team to create an interactive video experience across multiple platforms.

Fast-forward to October 31, 2013:  The Bing House of Horror homepage was a hands-down viral success, generating over ten times the traffic, tweets, shares and press of any Bing homepage before or since.


"Today Bing totally wins the Halloween makeover battle with a homepage that pays homage to horror movies... That's not to say that the collection of spooky mini-games that make up Google's doodle today aren't cute, they just can't hold a candle to what Bing's rolled out.”


    -Andrew Liszewski,

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